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AudioListener is a helper object derived from X3DAUDIO_LISTENER used by SoundEffectInstance's / DynamicSoundEffectInstance Apply3D method.

See AudioEmitter.


#include <Audio.h>


The default constructor creates a listener located at 0,0,0 facing +z and an up vector of +y.


In addition to setting the members of X3DAUDIO_LISTENER directly, these helper functions are provided:
  • SetPosition (FXVMECTOR) or (XMFLOAT3)
Sets the Position of the listener.
  • SetVelocity (FXMVECTOR) or (XMFLOAT3)
Sets the Velocity of the listener.
  • SetOrientation (FXMVECTOR forward, FXVMECTOR up) or (XMFLOAT3 forward, XMFLOAT3 up)
  • SetOrientationFromQuaternion ( FXMVECTOR )
Sets the OrientFront/OrientTop of the listener.
  • Update ( FXMVECTOR newPos, XMVECTOR upDir, float dt )
Computes a direction and velocity for the listener based on the existing Position and the newPos, updating the OrientFront/OrientTop to match, and then setting the Position to the newPos. If dt is 0, the update is skipped.

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