Here is a list of various samples and articles for making use of DirectXTK.

Windows Store apps

Simple Sample for Windows 8

Simple Sample for Windows 8.1

DirectX Tool Kit – native “XNA” for Windows 8

Windows Store DirectX C++ Sample Base

Bloom PostProcess in C++

Per Pixel Collision Detection in C++

Win32 desktop apps

Simple Sample (no audio)

Simple Sample (Windows 8.x using XAudio 2.8)

Simple Sample (DirectX SDK using XAudio 2.7)

DXUT+DirectXTK Simple Sample

Windows phone 8

Simple Sample (Windows phone 8.0)

Marble Maze sample for Windows Phone 8

Direct3D with XAML Marble Maze

Getting Started with Direct3D on Windows Phone 8

DirectX on Windows Phone: 2D Game Example using DirectX Toolkit

Xbox One

Simple Sample for the Xbox One XDK (login required)

Simple Sample for the Xbox One ADK (login required)

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