Project Description
The DirectX Tool Kit (aka DirectXTK) is a collection of helper classes for writing Direct3D 11 code in C++.

Supported platforms:
  • Windows Store apps for Windows 8.1 Preview
  • Windows Store apps for Windows 8 / Windows RT
  • Windows 8.x Win32 desktop
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 with KB 971644
  • Windows Server equivalents of the above

  • SpriteBatch - simple & efficient 2D sprite rendering
  • SpriteFont - bitmap based text rendering
  • Effects - set of built-in shaders for common rendering tasks
  • PrimitiveBatch - simple and efficient way to draw user primitives
  • GeometricPrimitive - draws basic shapes such as cubes and spheres
  • Model - draws simple meshes loaded from .CMO or .SDKMESH files
  • CommonStates - factory providing commonly used D3D state objects
  • VertexTypes - structures for commonly used vertex data formats
  • DDSTextureLoader - light-weight DDS file texture loader
  • WICTextureLoader - WIC-based image file texture loader
  • ScreenGrab - light-weight screen shot saver
  • SimpleMath - simplified C++ wrapper for DirectXMath

The DirectXTex project

The DirectXTK contributors list will remain closed to ensure high-quality and focused feature set, but we are very interested in any bug-fixes, optimizations, additional features, or other community feedback on this library. Please use the Issue Tracker and feel free to attach code to the issue as needed. Note that any code contributed or released for the DirectXTK project is subject to the MS-PL.

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