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FBX ModelLoadCMO path names


I've been having trouble when I load textures and sometimes things work and sometimes not. What I finally figured out is while using an FBX.CMO file. The file is loading full path names for materials incorrectly and adding an underscore while the SDKMESH.SDKMESH is loading path names correctly using the assets directory instead of the full path. The path may be okay for Phongs but I think it has the same problem with custom Phongs. Do you have an updated version of the ModelLoadCMO that sets the paths correctly? I posted a screenshot of the problem path strings that create big headaches for me. :)


I am positive the path names are coming in incorrectly from VS2013 and so I corrected the methods by bringing in the string names manually from new modified CreateFromCMO methods. There is also a problem in the EffectFactory where the program adds //disable wcscpy_s( fullName, mPath ); when it's not needed. Simply send in the correct texture path and names with no extra code modifications.

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