Model support for collision meshes

The existing CMO and SDKMESH model loaders create IBs and VBs as USAGE_DEFAULT and then release the loaded geometry. This is a great match for rendering, but makes it difficult to do CPU-side trian...

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SimpleMath needs billboard matrix functions

SimpleMath is modeled after XNA Game Studio math, but currently lacks two functions Matrix::CreateBillBoard Matrix::CreateConstrainedBillboard

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Add support for signed-distance field fonts to SpriteFont

Chris Green. 2007. "Improved Alpha-Tested Magnification for Vector Textures and Special Effects." SIGGRAPH Course on Advanced Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games.

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Texture bundler

This work item is for creating a bundler tool that packages .DDS files together for faster reading and usage, and a runtime class for loading them. Essentially a XWBTool and WaveBank class for .DD...

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MediaStream class for playing compressed audio

This work item is for implementing a version of XAudio2MFStream as part of DirectXTK for Audio using Media Foundation's SourceReader which supports a number of built-in codecs including WMA. Note ...

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SoundStream class for playing streaming wave banks

DirectXTK for Audio has a WaveBank class which allows in-memory XACT-style wave banks to be used to play one-shots and to create SoundEffectInstances. The package also includes a command-line util...

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Problem with SpriteFont::DrawString and Euro symbol

Hi Walbourn, I have generated a font with this script : MakeSpriteFont.exe "Times New Roman" myfile.spritefont /FontSize:30 /DefaultCharacter:0x3F /CharacterRegion:0x20-0x7E /CharacterRegion:0x20A...

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Simple Mesh collision testing

Implement a method on Model/ModelMesh similar to ID3DX10Mesh::Intersect.

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Limited support for texture format conversion

DirectXTK is intended to be light-weight and fast for runtime use. DirectXTex provides general texture processing support including full format conversion support. DirectXTK currently has no runti...

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Model needs support for skinned animations

Both CMO and SDKMESH support skinned animations. These are currently ignored by the Model implementation.

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