Model support for collision meshes

The existing CMO and SDKMESH model loaders create IBs and VBs as USAGE_DEFAULT and then release the loaded geometry. This is a great match for rendering, but makes it difficult to do CPU-side trian...

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Project problems when targeting DirectX and XAML (Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1)

Im working on Windows Phone 8.1 app using DirectX and XAML (Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1) template. My problem is that when I want to add the reference to DirectXTK project to the native part of t...

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SimpleMath needs billboard matrix functions

SimpleMath is modeled after XNA Game Studio math, but currently lacks two functions Matrix::CreateBillBoard Matrix::CreateConstrainedBillboard

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Add support for signed-distance field fonts to SpriteFont

Chris Green. 2007. "Improved Alpha-Tested Magnification for Vector Textures and Special Effects." SIGGRAPH Course on Advanced Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games.

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Texture bundler

This work item is for creating a bundler tool that packages .DDS files together for faster reading and usage, and a runtime class for loading them. Essentially a XWBTool and WaveBank class for .DD...

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MediaStream class for playing compressed audio

This work item is for implementing a version of XAudio2MFStream as part of DirectXTK for Audio using Media Foundation's SourceReader which supports a number of built-in codecs including WMA. Note ...

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SoundStream class for playing streaming wave banks

DirectXTK for Audio has a WaveBank class which allows in-memory XACT-style wave banks to be used to play one-shots and to create SoundEffectInstances. The package also includes a command-line util...

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Problem with SpriteFont::DrawString and Euro symbol

Hi Walbourn, I have generated a font with this script : MakeSpriteFont.exe "Times New Roman" myfile.spritefont /FontSize:30 /DefaultCharacter:0x3F /CharacterRegion:0x20-0x7E /CharacterRegion:0x20A...

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Simple Mesh collision testing

Implement a method on Model/ModelMesh similar to ID3DX10Mesh::Intersect.

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Limited support for texture format conversion

DirectXTK is intended to be light-weight and fast for runtime use. DirectXTex provides general texture processing support including full format conversion support. DirectXTK currently has no runti...

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